Product Description

Emsculpting Pro induces very strong (supramaximal)muscle contractions,not achievable through workout.When exposed to these strong contractions,the muscletissue is forced to adapt to such extreme condition.Themusle starts remodelling its inner structure by multipli-cation of fibers and their growth. The HIFEM uses aspecific range of frequencies that does not allowmuscle relaxation between two consecutive stimula-tions.The muscle is forced to remain in contracted statefor multiple seconds. When repeatedly exposed tothese high load conditions the muscle tissue isstressed and is forced to adapt. Recent studies report-ed that on average 15%-16%increase inabdominalmuscle thickness was observed in treated patientsoneto two months after HIFEM treatments.

Emsculpting Pro works on the buttocks as well,using the samesupramaximal muscle contractions as with the abdomen area.Ma-ny patients opt to try this treatment in place of an invasive Brazilianbutt lift. HIFEM technology delivers the world’s first noninvasivebutt lift procedure.This treatment can give you the curvature,tone,and lift that you desire. It is an alternative to the BrazilianBooty Lift procedure and provides a defined shape instead ofadding excess fat to the area.

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