Product Description

Portable Microneedle Machine

Treatment Principle

Needle Depth Adjustable:The Needle is 0.3~3 mm adjustable,operates epidermislayer and dermis layer by controlling the needle depth inunit of 0.1mm
Needles shooting system:Automatic output controling,can make the RF energybetter distributed in dermis, so patients can get bettertreatment result.
Two Treatment Methods:There are two treatment ways with Dual Matrix fip and RFMicroneedle tip to meet the needs of different clienfs.

Superficial Fractional RF has two unlque cnannieswhich combine to provide epIaerma uuanand dermal coagulation.
The first channel delivers a deeper zone ofcontrolled thermal effect to activate collagenand skin enhance skin tightening.
The second channel provides mico-ablation ofthe upper layers of the epidermis and mildcoagulation for controlled fractional abiationand skin rejuvenation with minimally invasive RFdelivery.
Together , the two channels provide a3-dimensional treatment zone for superior skinrejuvenation, overall tightening and consistentresults you can count on.

Portable Microneedle Machine

– Face and Eye Lifting- Skin Tightening
– Wrinkle Reduction- Skin Rejuvenation
– Enlarged Pores Reduction- Acne Scar Treatment
– Stretch Marks Treatment- Scar Removal
– Keratosis Pilaris
– Hyperhidrosis Treatment

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