Things to Know about Laser Hair Removal Machine

The best way to describe laser hair removal machine is that we use laser lights to remove hair from the body. These destroy the hair in the hair follicle and slow down the growth of the body hair. However this is not permanent hair removal process, but if you want to go for a painless hair removal treatment then you must choose laser hair removal machine only.
Laser Hair Removal Machine

Why would you use laser hair removal machine?

Laser hair removal has become one of the most widely used cosmetic procedures in the world. We find that people from all walks of life are getting this treatment. The major reason is that it adds a nest look to our personality. Most get their upper lip, armpit, bikini lines treated for a neater look and to maintain proper hygiene in the body.

Different types of laser hair removal machines available online:

With the increasing use of this technology we find that there are many different types of laser hair removal machines available in the market. However you should have in depth knowledge about such machines to choose the best laser hair removal machine. Let us now discuss about the different machines that are present in the market:

Ruby laser hair removal machine

This was the first system that was developed for the purpose of permanent hair reduction. We find that this system of laser hair removal uses 694mn wavelength that is great for targeting melanin. Hence this allows the thin and light hair to be treated efficiently. However it is discouraged for people with darker skin tones and lighter hair tones.

The system is best to treat small affected areas and you have thin body hair then you can use this machine. The laser machine works on the principle of taking long pauses in between treating areas affected and you do not feel any pain during this hair removal treatment. However these slow repetitions indicate that we have to go through a longer process of hair removal.

People with light hair and fair skin tones can use this laser hair removal machine as the high melanin absorption may causes skin to get discolored.

Diode Laser hair removal machine

This is a newer version of hair removal machines and this machine is based on superior quality hair removal treatment. They comprise of semiconductors which are known as diodes. These semiconductors are grouped together and form the energy source for the machine, and create a laser beam which has a wavelength of 800 nm to 810 nm.

Hence with this longer wavelength, the machine can penetrate deep into the hair follicle. Therefore this is makes them perfect for people with dark skin tones and thick body hair. The diode laser hair removal machine boasts good melanin absorption which also reduces the chance of having discolored skin and this machine can be used by people from any skin tones.

This type of hair removal machine has been found popularly used by men to get rid of their back and chest hair. Since men have thick and deep hair follicles, they can use this machine to get rid of unwanted hair.

Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal Machine

This is the most popular type of laser hair removal treatment. It is one of the fastest hair removal treatments in the world. However the problems with fast removal are that it causes us a lot of pain. However with improving technology we find that many systems come with built in cooling techniques that will reduce the pain during the hair removal procedure. The alexandrite laser treatment operates on a shorter wavelength of 755 nm. This makes it perfect for the patients who have light to olive skin tones as it can target the melanin in the bodies. Apart from that, such laser hair removal machines are very easy to use and you can easily buy one for your commercial beauty salon. Hence this is great way of permanent hair growth reduction but we have to bear the pain and open yourself up to the risk of discoloration of skin.

ND: YAG laser hair removal machine

One of the latest achievements in the cosmetic industry has been the development of the nd: YAG laser removal technology. It comes with a 1064 nm wavelength range which works with carbon rather than melanin. Hence this is a milestone which has been achieved as most laser removal treatments had the risk of discoloration of skin and what not. This system is also used for tattoo removal.

Before starting the treatment with this method, you have to apply a carbon lotion on your body because unwanted hair can absorb the carbon and you can easily remove your body hair with this laser hair removal machine with ease. Since this technique of hair removal targets carbon rather than meaning it is found suitable for all skin types even for tan skin.

Therefore this can be your one stop solution to get rid of unwanted hair. But this hair removal treatment is quite time consuming and painful. So it is better to choose an alternative treatment or hair removal machine to get painless laser hair removal treatment.

How would you choose the best laser hair removal machine?

Hence as you can see that these are some of the various laser hair removal machines which are present in the market. We have to make sure that we analyze all the details of the machines before hand and determine whether the treatment is good for our skin or not. This is will help us avoiding some other obvious side effects and you must check such probable side effects of such hair removal machines before you use. Some common side effects are redness, allergies, and such problems. Hence taking proper care after the treatment is very essential.

Therefore if you are suffering from having unwanted hair you can easily go through one of such treatment to get rid of it. Now you can search the best laser hair removal machine online to choose the best.

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